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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  January 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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moral judgment. we weren't speeding to speed. we were speeding because it was an emergency situation. i didn't want to have the baby on the side of the road. >> and that was wnur's jean maccen reporting. the coughlin family heads to court on monday to fight the ticket. >> this morning, mom, dad and cute baby kyle will join us on "good morning america." that's what's making news in america this morning. >> have a great wednesday. captioned by the national captioning institute the >> live and in hd. >> a change on capitol hill. washington welcomes the one entered of congress. -- the 112th congress. >> where 20 check in on traffic
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in a minute. >> it is cool outside. that his kidneys. -- that is good news. silver spring at 38 degrees. it is about 10 degrees warmer. in some cases, it is more than that. a lot of sunshine. temperatures are near 40 degrees. increasing clouds tomorrow near 40 degrees. a little dusting of snow here and t here. how is the can meet rolling? >> do not hit snooze on friday
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morning. this is a good idea. i will give you the green light. you will find one lane close. we have no wishes to report. we begin with news from prince george's county. four people were shot after midnight. this happened in temple hills. one died at the scene. no arrests or a motive. this comes after three people were killed in six hours. those murders are also under
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investigation. ? we turn to our other top story. the republican progress days control today. >> the first order of business is a vote to repeal the president's health care plan. >> high noon marks a good point for republicans. they have 85 of the 94 new members of congress being sworn in. that is in control of the house, led by john boehner. >> we are here to reflect the values of the country. the country has said to stop the spending. >> lawmakers this decide whether to increase the amount of money they can barrault burda -- borrow. >> i'm not going to vote to
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increase the national debt. clef they hosted a private fund- raiser. they are focusing on 2012. >> the first vote is scheduled for tomorrow. reporters say it would save $35 million. it is a fraction of the $100 billion . >> robert gibbs is likely to leave this month for t. david axelrod leaves to work on president obama's reelection campaign. >> the navy's decision to release the commander of the u.s. enterprise is not sitting well with many people who served with captain of a win honors.
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-- oweb honors. he made the is including suggested shower scene spread data -- scenes. the mayor [unintelligible] leaders met last night to discuss this controversy predel. >> this is either a total disregard for the law or an ignorance of the law. >> she was accused of making unauthorized charges on an unauthorized credit card. they express their outrage. >> that is our tax dollars. >> he has it accused of charging thousands of dollars for personal use predict.
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>> no comment. i'm going directly into mine meeting. thank you. >> they are accusing her and making more than 50 questionable charges using a debit card she opened did not notifying the council. she asked the town treasurer to hide the charges. he refused to comment as well. >> she has day pattern of not following the laws. >> they are calling for an external audit including a $2,400 telephone bill. >> thank you. washington d.c. police are trying to find out who shot two s.usins but ther
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two other people were also shot. police have no suspects so far or motive. a defense contractor was seen alive less than 24 hours before he was found in a delaware of land fill. he was seen alive in downtown wilmington predicted a tissue markers found his remains last friday. -- wilmington. sanitation workers found his remains last friday >> it is 56 degrees. >> someone is waking up three injured the $5 million richer. -- $355 million richer. >> how one company is using your information to make a profit.
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>> a big chill on the way. we
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>> good morning preve. >> i always know when it is cold. it only does this at 37 degrees.
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>> it is still cool out there. the breeze will be dropping it even further this morning. that helps the temperature drop. manassas is one at 18. we are in the 20's. here is our forecast. . lot of sunshine for the an increasing clouds tomorrow. there may be a light dusting >> we talked to a fellow who worked for metro rail. if you are going to get on the train, you should find everything moving smoothly.
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it is good on the other side of town, and to prevent -- and the other side of town. >> more birds fall out of these have prevented the reason is baffling experts predict a >> we will bring you the3q
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>> good morning. a violent start to the new year in prince george's county. four people were shot after midnight predel. one died at the scene for the eighth comes a day after it people were killed in six hours. a new political landscape will take place today. the wonder 12 congress will begin in a few hours. they will fight president obama on issues such as spending and health care. people that served with the commander of the u.s. enterprise are upset with the decision to release him. u.s. removed after showing bad videos of flu humor.
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if you missed it, do not look away. there they are. these are the winning numbers from the lottery p. 15, 47, 4, 25, 8, 42. officials say they are actually two winners for ts. prizes the fourth largest in u.s. history. >> they stopped off on their way home from work. they ventured out on a cold night. >> i came to get my millions. >> they thought the strategy is to give --- of strategies.
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>> everyone is playing it today. >> they thought of winning has millions of people dreaming of becoming millionaires. >> of there is a half philanthropy on their mind. >> my church is going down. it to be good. >> summit shelled out more than $25 per day . >> they are spending millions of dollars all together on a game. their chances are one in millions. >> i did not expect to win. >> he did not happen to buy your ticket in idaho or washington state? >> i've lived there briefly
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because i thought it was the best strategy. >> i was counting on you to share your winnings. we have good news. but you have a few extra days to file your taxes it is extending the deadline now to april 18. they are giving taxpayers a chance to really evaluate it. it is due to emancipation. businesses will be closed for the holidays. >> we have learned that the former mayor is forging ahead for a new plan to sign with a speakers bureau. their marketing him as a national leader. this video is put together by the agency prepare. >> a proposal for a parking
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ticket program appears to be getting momentum they are owed more than $300 billion. and once again summoned the money back. they would pay only the original fine professional. >> anytime there is an opportunity, we should take advantage. >> it is long overdue. >> they are facing the budget deficit. every penny counts. >> looking around the nation. louisiana authorities say they have no idea what is killing hundreds of birds. they are testing to determine how they died. they blame off fireworks for the death of thousands. >> across at a memorial is
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unconstitutional. they say it can face big -- conveys religion. it is 36 degrees. >> making a profit by exploiting your privacy. fifty-eight different individuals are using,
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>> welcome back. it is time for traffic and weather prediction? we have a look at not only some cold temperatures but some activity. >> it is not a big deal. temperatures right now are cool but not as cold as yesterday. we are in the 20's mainly. what is 34 downtown predicted
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yesterday's clear in the upper teens. it is not quite as school. 43 degrees was the high temperature yesterday. we will be near 40 degrees today. there are mostly sunny skies. >> overnight construction is being pulled off the beltway. there is a pretty good run along the rio one. 95 to maryland should be gone very same. to give you you'll start to see more action.
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>> headlights are bound.
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welcome back. a new california company has
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collected more than 1 billion e- mails to find out what you like. >> that helps advertisers target each year likely. >> whether you are shopping online are updating your facebook profile, he might be telling online trackers all about you. >> my location for the past five years for th. >> one of the firms is this company. >> they have gathered about 1 billion e-mail addresses and behavioral information. >> they have already figured out personal information ranging from your age to income level. >> this student is not surprised. >> at with the information out there. i do that thing you should have an expectation of privacy. >> add them wonders if such
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advertising puts you at risk. >> it can lead to terrible issues including fraud and identity theft. >> it will keep growing into people become more protective of their information. >> if you look at the way people operate on social networking sites, they cannot tell enough about themselves to another people fast enough. >> the ftc is supporting legislation that will be similar to the do not call list. it is unclear when or if the legislation will move forward. >> it seems like you have to assume that nothing is private. >> it makes you want to be careful. >> it is kind of scary. we have a lot more still ahead of next half hour. >> it does been a deadly 24 ho


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